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Construction Company

Construction services with professional workers who are ready to build all types of bulidings quickly and with satisfactory results.

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Best Quality

Setting the standard for superior quality construction services.

Best Prices

Construction services that offer a good price for all customers.

100% Guarantee

Ensuring safety and guarantee for all our services.

About Company

Consal represents absolute success at top quality.

We have been on the market since 2017, form the moment of launch we started with not too big projects & Labor Supply to construction companies.

Every project and activity in which Consal was involved was an absolute success, always on time and of superior quality.

We offer project management services and not only that, the projects we focus on are commercial ones.

Any project from start to finish located in central London.
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Our Services

General Laboure

01. Project Consulting – We begin by offering expert project consulting services, where our knowledgeable team provides valuable insights and advice to help you make informed decisions and create a solid construction plan.

02. Project Management – Our dedicated project managers take charge of overseeing the entire construction process, from coordinating resources and schedules to managing budgets and ensuring timely completion. With our project management expertise, your construction project is in capable hands.

03. Site Management – Our experienced site managers handle the on-site operations, including organizing materials, equipment, and manpower. They maintain a safe and efficient work environment, address any challenges that arise, and ensure the project progresses smoothly.

04. Laboure Supply – We provide skilled and reliable laborers who are proficient in their respective trades. Our labor supply service ensures that your project has the necessary workforce to carry out various construction tasks, helping you meet deadlines and maintain quality standards.

05. General Laboure supply – In addition to specialized labor, we also provide general labor support. Our dependable and trained general laborers assist with various tasks, ensuring the overall efficiency and productivity of your construction site.

We provide you the best experience

We have a lot of experience in real estate and home remodeling

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